Meinten Sie: RED II - sextett version

flute, clarinet (B flat), violoncello, tuba, percussion, piano

6 min
Edition Juliane Klein


  • world premiere: ensemble:hörsinn Münster, Landesmuseum, Münster, 2007
  • additional performances: Netherlands, Amsterdam Conservatory, International Gaudeamus Interpreters Competition, 2007


  1. (quintett version) Deutschlandfunk, ensemble:hörsinn, 2007, Münster

programme note

In my almost 8 years in Japan I was very interested in placing the elements of the music separatly in front of backgrounds, silent one ore plain one, especially the golden one of Japanese paintings and the parts of Shô in gagaku music. Now back in Germany I tried to do the opposite by erasing all backgrounds, placing the elements as close as possible together and creating a new color in my music, a strong red. After checking my most favorite titel "RJED" (the international airport codes RJ for Japan and ED for Germany) with an internet search engine, it convinced me by asking "Did you mean: RED".
(Peter Gahn)