Night Tree / Moontan

2 channel electronics and oil paintings

10 min
oil paintings: Jina Park
Edition Juliane Klein


  • world premiere: "Platform Seoul 2009", Kimusa, The old Defense Security Command Site, Seoul, 02.-25.09.2009, exhibition "Suddenly Everything has Changed" curated by Sunyoung Oh

Jina Park: Night Tree,, oil on canvas, 190*230cm, 2008

Jina Park: Moontan01, oil on canvas, 112*162cm, 2007

programme note

The installation "Night Tree, Moontan" is a collaboration work which consists of the oil paintings "Night Tree" (2008) and "Moontan 01" (2007) of the Korean artist Jina Park and the electronic music "Night Tree / Moontan" (2009) of the German composer Peter Gahn.

Recordings of Jina Park painting on canvas, especially some selected brush strokes, build the basic sound material. Additional sounds are from a plucked electric bass string and synthesized noise. Using the physical modelling software Modalys, virtual canvases and strings were built and excited by the sounds of Park's brush strokes, creating different sound material. The resulting sound composition was created with a software written in SuperCollider, a language for sound synthesis and algorithmic composition.

The installation "Night Tree, Moontan" are the paintings and sound installation placed together in the exhibition room and give the observer the possibility to connect them, without being illustrative or in another obvious connection to each other.

The strong calm silence of Park's paintings is opened by the acoustic sound of brush strokes towards a larger space and a new dimension. The painting creates musical surroundings to Gahn's sounds, giving them physical sub-stance.

A special quality of "Night Tree, Moontan" is the common interest into the theme night. Searching for a music with a transparent black, Gahn found in Park's paintings adequate surroundings.

(Peter Gahn, Jina Park)