ink, colours and gold on paper II - surroundings 1

accordion and live electronics

11 min
Edition Juliane Klein


  • world premiere: Andrea Carola Kiefer (accordion), James Andean (live electronics), Sibelius Academy/Helsinki 2008


  1. YLE Radio (Finnish Broadcasting Company), Andrea Carola Kiefer, 2008

programme note

This piece is inspired both by Paul Gaugin's paintings and many Japanese paintings, including the famous raku-chu/raku-gai works, the genji-monigatari e-maki, and works by Sotatsu. Vibrating areas on a golden background, sometimes partly covered in golden clouds, have a strong energy, without forcing the observer into special thoughts or emotions. The golden background gives the colours an intensive illumination. There is no perspective to lead us somewhere, the flat background dematerializes itself towards the unseen space behind. This kind of Japanese paintings is described in art catalogues as „ink, colours and gold on paper“, wich became the title of this piece. The technique of overlaying two layers of mixed colours was used to create strong deep colours as in Gaugin's paintings.
(Peter Gahn)